Dog Ears Music: FarmAid 2008 Edition

Farm Aid 2008
We'd like to shine a light on this year's Farm Aid benefit, a 23-year-old nonprofit whose mission is to keep family farmers on their land. This year's event was broadcast live on DirecTV hosted by Bob Costas and Carson Daly (who interviewed Phil). It was a real privilege to perform amongst heroes and legends for a great cause. The air was stirring with solutions and designs of hope.

The day of sound check our gas-guzzling bus rolled in to the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Mass., just outside Boston. High energy inside and an atmosphere of relaxed excitement gearing up to this locavore happening, everything is grand. Day of concert starts with the press conference with the four fathers of Farm Aid, president Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, and Neil Young, the ahead-of-the-curve soldiers on the connection between saving our earth, our farming communities, the health of our environment, and its direct impact on our bodies, and ultimately our own survival.

During the press conference attended by Mass. Governor Deval Patrick and Farm Aid's Carolyn Mugar, John Mellencamp speaks the grim truth: "Suicides have replaced equipment-related deaths as the No. 1 cause of family-farm-related deaths." Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, and Neil Young continue the soulful panel discussion. Their devotion and commitment is humbling. Shortly thereafter the concert begins. There is an internal silence, the blink before all the noise, and then it's over way too soon. A day of riveting, life-altering performances by some extraordinary music masters and rock 'n' roll maestros.

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