Dominic Purcell of 'Prison Break' Heads To USA Drama

'Prison Break' Star Stirs Up USA Drama

Dominic Purcell is best known for playing escaped prisoner Lincoln Burrows on "Prison Break," but he's turned to law enforcement for a new USA Network show.

The Huffington Post can exclusively reveal that Purcell will play a key role in the season finale of the new USA drama "Common Law," which premieres May 11.

"Common Law" stars Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell, two well-regarded Los Angeles robbery-homicide detectives who are forced to go into counseling in order to save their "work marriage." Sonya Walger of "Lost" plays Dr. Ryan, the therapist who helps them work through their issues.

In "Common Law's" first season finale, Purcell guest stars as John Crowell, a swaggering detective who works for the LAPD's Special Investigative Services. Part of the reason Wes and Travis were forced into couples' therapy is because Wes pulled his gun on Travis, an incident that got both of them in very serious trouble and forced them into counseling.

Spoiler alert: As it turns out, Crowell was the reason that Wes aimed his gun at his partner.

Also guest starring in the "Common Law" finale is Ed Begley Jr., who will complete a two-episode arc as Dr. Van Waals, a distracted, ineffective couples' therapist who is in the midst of an ugly divorce. Wes and Travis have to go to Dr. Van Waals temporarily when a case they're investigating involves someone close to Dr. Ryan.

"Common Law" premieres 10 p.m. E.T. May 11 on USA.

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