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WOMAN POWER IN MUSIC Host to several of the most intricately-built and aesthetically stunning stages in the world, and arguably
I have been campaigning for my father's freedom for over 600 days. For over 600 days our family, human rights groups and the United Nations have been stressing that Salim Alaradi is innocent.
I am thrilled to share with you the next episode in my Following Your Passion series. This episode features Akil Augustine, who is a Canadian television personality and the host, producer, and creator of NBATV Canada's The Hangout. He is also the lead reporter for NBATV Canada.
What was supposed to be a family vacation turned into the nightmare of our lives when my father was kidnapped into a mysterious black car on the streets of Dubai. As we waited for the UAE government to sort out my father's unjust detainment, we realized that dead silence is not the answer.
Any place where the concept is eating and shopping doesn't have to work too hard to get me in the door.
Jadyn cracked me up with her witty and fun answers to my serious questions. Next time, I'll ask her fluff questions and see if she answers them seriously!
We take things so seriously. I'm not talking about war or climate change. I'm talking about the little things in life that really don't deserve our attention or focus.
The Brooklyn Academy of Music is currently presenting a great theater/film production by impressive visual artist (you can see his art-work at David Zwirner Gallery) and Canadian Stage director, Stan Douglas, with television writer (Boardwalk Empire) Chris Haddock.
I lived in Vancouver for a decade, visit it at least yearly and expect to retire there. But I've lived in or visited many of the most acclaimed and biggest cities in the world, as well as tons of the smaller ones: Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, San Francisco, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Los Angeles, Miami, Singapore, Ottawa, Calgary, Copenhagen, etc.
Producers dragged all their camera equipment two miles in 100-mile-per-hour winds to film penguins in Antarctica. As the
The highly anticipated “Mad Men” series finale on AMC has come and gone. Maureen Ryan joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
In all seriousness, I absolutely get that “Mad Men” loves to play around with ambiguity, grey areas and doubt -- and I’ve
So, how do these summer series stack up on the Yep-or-Nope-o-Meter? Read on to find out! Ryan McGee and I discussed the shows
That scene in Joan's office was beautifully played by Christina Hendricks and John Slattery: There is so much history between
Of course, it all backfired horribly, but the squabbling Pied Piper team has no plans to dump Erlich from their fledgling
But when it was all over, no one was talking about the music or the syncing. It was all about Tyson's skin-tight leather
Scott (Josh Vokey) has also emerged as a stealth delight: Now that Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) is off doing something or other
I love it when Matthew Weiner straight up trolls us with Betty content, as in: “I know it’s beyond your experience, but people