Who Knew Doors Could Be So Crazy Beautiful?

When was the last time you stopped and acknowledged the shape of a door? What about its color and texture? Its weight and its force? Though we hardly go a single day without walking through a door of some kind, we're certainly guilty of overlooking their formal qualities, treating them solely as symbols of transition instead of architectural objects in their own right.


Today we're taking the time to examine just how different each door is, from the shape of its handle to the wear on its surface. Each individual portal contains within it a singular combination of architectural vision and the natural repercussions of time, both converging to create a transitional moment between indoor and outdoor, here and there.

We asked some of our readers to send their best shots of their chosen entrances and exits, and the stunning results are below. Enjoy the weekend with this series of humble, yet utterly gorgeous, architectural openings.

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