Dr. Phil McGraw: Vasectomy Was 'Biggest Mistake I Ever Made' (VIDEO)

Early on in his marriage, Dr. Phil McGraw did something he regretted: he got a vasectomy.

In an essay for Newsweek, he said that his wife had gotten pregnant four years into their marriage. He was a young doctor with a new practice, and they negotiated. He only wanted the one child, and got a vasectomy shortly thereafter. He said, "That vasectomy was the biggest mistake I ever made. I was 29."

Six years later, he was at an event with his wife when he overheard her say that agreeing to have just one child was the biggest regret of her life. It was enough to have him get the procedure reversed the very next day. His wife was ecstatic, and she was pregnant with their second child Jordan thirty days later.

"God, if I had missed that—how dumb," Dr. Phil wrote. "I just shudder at how stupid I was. I learned you don’t make life decisions on the spur of the moment, and you don’t make them alone. I got a do-over on the biggest mistake of my life, and I am delighted that I did."

He has discussed his experience on his show before.