Drake Has Been Stealing All Of Your Dominican Tío’s Dance Moves

OK, now he's just messing with us.

The plot thickens in the Dominican Drake saga.

Flama, who has meticulously studied all the signs that point to Drake’s secret possible Dominican heritage, is at it again with a new supercut of the artist from the video of French Montana’s latest single “No Shopping.”

In the music video, which is set in the Dominican Republic, a mustachioed Drake uses a thick accent and introduces himself as El Draké. And if that wasn’t enough to prove Drake is totally in on the Dominican Drake conspiracy, Flama posted a video break down on Wednesday of how Drake’s moves compare to how your tío gets down.

Puerto Rican/Dominican director Spiff TV, who was behind the “No Shopping” video, confirmed to Billboard in July that Drake was definitely channeling his alleged Dominican side in the video.

“For some reason, everybody thinks Drake’s Dominican and that French Montana is Puerto Rican,” Spiff TV said. “We wanted to give that vibe and show the world that Dominican Casa de Campo energy.”

Watch the video of Drake’s dancing above and judge for yourself. And check out the full music video below for more El Draké.

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