This CFL Player Takes Unsportsmanlike Conduct To Another Level

Duron Carter celebrated by knocking down the opposing team's head coach.

Duron Carter, wide receiver for the Canadian Football League's Montreal Alouettes and son of Pro Football Hall of Fame-r Cris Carter, was ejected from a game against the Ottawa Redblacks Thursday night. 

After scoring a touchdown in the third quarter, Carter made the bold move of taking his celebration over to the opposing team's bench. As if showboating in opponents' faces is not enough to start drama, Carter also knocked down the head coach of the Redblacks, Rick Campbell, as he shimmied and taunted his way up the sideline. 

Unsurprisingly, seeing their coach taken down by an opposing player got some of the Redblacks heated. A number of players made a beeline for Carter, shoving and hitting him in the back of the head. But the seemingly oblivious Carter would not let anything deter him from continuing to strut his way up the length of the field.

Carter was ejected from the game, and his team went on to lose, 28-13. 



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