Earth Week 2012 Challenges: 7 Eco-Friendly Tips You Can Practice With HuffPost Green

Will You Take The Earth Week Challenge With Us?

Here at HuffPost Green, we realize that while every day should be Earth Day, it's pretty hard to live by that assertion. This Earth Week, we've decided to make going green simple. Really simple.

From April 16-22, HuffPost Green invites you to take on one easy goal per day to reduce your impact on the planet. We can't extend a challenge without attempting it ourselves, so our team will tackle each goal as well and share with you the highs and lows of our experiences.

We realize it will take more than a few small personal changes to make our planet healthy. But if you can make one lifestyle change each day this coming week, it's a start. If you can stick with that change beyond one day, even better.

If you participate in our daily challenges, we want to hear from you! Tweet to us at #ecochallenge, e-mail photos and video to, and share your experience. We'll feature some of the creative ways that readers have tackled each daily goal to go green.

Check out the daily challenges below (many suggested by our readers) and check in each day to learn why these tips are important, read about our experiences and share in our efforts to go green:

Monday: Meatless Monday. Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down or eliminating your meat consumption for a day. Click here to read about our experiences.

Tuesday: Power Down. Fix your computer settings, unplug energy sapping devices, install smart strips to eliminate vampire power.

Wednesday: Reusable Bottles & Mugs. Eliminate the use of all paper coffee cups and plastic water bottles.

Thursday: Cut Paper Waste. Reduce your use of paper, adjust your printer settings, cancel junk mail subscriptions.

Friday: (Reusable) Bag Lunch. Bring your own lunch in reusable containers or bring the containers to your favorite take-out restaurant and pass on the plastic utensils, excess paper napkins and bags.

Saturday: Second-Hand Clothes And Products. Instead of purchasing new items, reuse and upcycle old items.

Sunday: Waste Less Water. Take shorter showers, turn the faucet off while brushing teeth, do only full loads of dishes and laundry.

Check out #EcoChallenge tips from our readers to go green:

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