Eating Outside The City Limits: Foundation Social Eatery

In Atlanta, things are either, inside of the perimeter, meaning inside the major city boundaries, or outside the perimeter, meaning you may just find yourself in the country. As much as we love to travel, both in and out of the country, we hardly ever venture outside of the perimeter in our own backyard. This was mainly because we thought there wasn’t a reason to. That all changed when we discovered Foundation Social Eatery (FSE).

Foundation Social Eatery is located in Roswell which is about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, meaning it meets qualifying “outside the perimeter” status. It is the creation of Chef Mel Toledo, who serves as both chef and owner, and brings over 15 years of experience to the table. Chef Mel has cooked in some of the best kitchens in Atlanta, California, and even France, and influences from each place come across in the food as Foundation Social Eatery. Whether you are enjoying the seasonal mushroom soup or ending your meal with a slice of acorn squash cheesecake, you can feel Chef Mal’s passion for food in every bite.

The best way to sum up Foundation Social Eatery is fine dining without the stuffiness that may be expected in a fine dining establishment. The restaurant name does include the word “Social” after all, and it’s the perfect place to be just that. So bring a friend, or two, or three to dine tapas style on beginning courses like Miso glazed pork belly and crispy pork ribs. It’s also a great place for date night, just make reservations and get a seat at one of the chef’s tables. And with private seating options, you could also host your next event at FSE.

If you like quality ingredients that are used thoughtfully, a great atmosphere, and great service, this is the place for you. Let us know when you are making reservations and we just might join you.

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