A Peek Inside The eBay Office In San Jose: Modern Design, Open Floor Plans And Sun To Spare (PHOTOS)

Did You Think The Ebay Offices Would Look Like This?

Like Craigslist, eBay is a regular site we visit...but we don't think too much about what goes on behind the scenes (or, behind the screen). So when we saw photos of their offices [headquarters] in San Jose, California, we were pleased to put a space behind the name.

Though open floor plans are more or less synonymous with tech companies, the eBay headquarters takes a more colorful approach. Bold logos, modern furniture and plenty of art give this space an approachable atmosphere that reminds us of the website's design. Created by Tom Edwards, senior manager of Global Design and Construction, the offices aren't just prettier to look at but better to work in.

Click through the slideshow to see amazing photographs of the San Jose offices and be sure to visit California Home + Design for the full story.

eBay's San Jose Offices

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