<em>Hommes en Jupe</em>: Behind France's Movement To Put Men In Skirts

: Behind France's Movement To Put Men In Skirts

No doubt about it, France loves a good movement. Enter the latest cause: a small group of men who are fighting for the right to wear skirts.

[Dominique] Moreau is the president of Hommes en Jupe (Men in Skirts), an association of about 30 men in Poitiers, western France, who don skirts to go about their everyday lives. For them, getting dressed in the morning is less about style and more about political substance: they are fighting to reclaim an item of clothing last worn by Frenchmen more than 500 years ago.

"We're fighting against prejudice and cliches," says Moreau, a 39-year-old civil servant who quotes Virginia Woolf as a gender-bending inspiration. "Women fought for trousers; we're doing the same with the skirt."


If you read French, check out the website for l'Association de HeJ
(Hommes en Jupe).


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