Steer Clear: 'Bachelor' Contender Introduces Her 'Emotional Support Cow' On Show's Premiere

But it was bachelor Peter Weber who could have used some emotional support when ex Hannah Brown turned up.

If you want to turn an airline pilot’s head, you could try showing off your “emotional support cow.”

That’s what one love-match contender for Peter Weber’s heart did during Monday’s three-hour premiere of the new season of “The Bachelor.

To her credit, contestant Jenna Serrano said her cow — Ashley P. — wasn’t really an emotional support cow, though maybe that only meant the animal couldn’t fit on one of Weber’s planes. Jenna introduced herself and Ashley to Peter — then walked away.

Something not so funny was Weber’s broken heart when “Bachelorette” Hannah Brown cut him off last year. She suddenly popped up on “The Bachelor” Monday and returned the tiny pilot wings he had given her. Then, the couple had a gut-wrenching heart-to-heart.

Eight of the 30 women vying for Weber’s affection were sent packing by the end of the first episode. Serrano was one of them.

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