Lake Bell Talks Directing The Long-Awaited 'Emperor's Children' Adaptation

Fans of "The Emperor's Children" have been anticipating the film adaptation since the novel's 2006 release, and after much limbo, it looks as though they'll be finally getting it.

Lake Bell, who's directing the film, spoke to HuffPost Live about the still-nascent project, which now has an attached lead (Jeff Bridges) and a completed script by veteran screenwriter Noah Baumbach.

"[I'm] a big fan of his," Bell said. "He wrote a beautiful script... [of] a beautifully penned novel to begin with. A very New York story."

The "Childrens Hospital" star is more widely known for her acting, having starred in the HBO series "How To Make It In America," as well as her directorial debut "In A World..," which she also wrote. Bell is eager to continue her foray into directing with Claire Messud's bestseller, a work she particularly connected with.

"Because I love the story so much and I love the project, I feel the responsibility ... to adhere to the story and honor it," she said.

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