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Empty America: San Francisco Time-Lapse Video Explores SF Void Of People (VIDEO)


It's no secret that San Francisco is one of the world's most beautiful cities. So just imagine how lovely it would be without all of those pesky cars and people.

In his new series "Empty America," director Ross Ching does just that.

Inspired by photographer Matt Logue's series "Empty LA," Ching used time-lapse photography and some tedious Photoshopping to create a video of a stunningly empty San Francisco.

"The video is the first of a series that aims to show some of the most iconic cities in America without people," Ching told The Huffington Post. "The great thing about this is that it doesn't require a crew to accomplish. It just took me two cameras and three days to complete filming."

A San Jose native, it was only appropriate that he start with the Bay Area.

The three-minute video, created for YouTube's Thrash Lab, explores the Golden Gate and Bay bridges, Golden Gate Park, the Castro, AT&T Park and other landmarks and neighborhoods--all with moving clouds, flickering traffic lights and waving flags, but not a single soul in sight.

While the video is quite lovely, it does provide an eerie look at what the city might look like after the zombie apocalypse. Or, as one YouTube commenter put it, what it might look like if Romney wins.

Check out the making of the video here, and watch Ross Ching's "Empty America: San Francisco" below:

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