Man Charged With Public Intoxication At San Francisco Airport Possibly Groped Travelers

A financier charged with public intoxication at San Francisco International Airport is being investigated for allegedly posing as a security agent who patted down female travelers.

Eric Slighton, 53, who lives in both San Francisco and Hong Kong, was arrested Tuesday afternoon, according to the San Mateo County sheriff's office. Airport police officers received complaints of a man "causing a disturbance" at a security checkpoint in the international terminal where they found Slighton "exhibiting the signs and symptoms of public intoxication," the sheriff's office said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

Airport screeners reportedly saw Slighton pose as a security guard and motion two women into a private screening booth. It is not currently known what happened while in the screening booth, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

This raised red flags among the workers, because TSA regulations forbid men from probing female travelers, according to the San Jose Mercury-News.

Slighton, listed as director of the private equity firm Aktis Capitol Singapore, wore khaki pants, a blue polo shirt and blue rubber gloves — an outfit that could be mistaken for an actual security agent.

The two passengers allegedly duped by Slighton were believed to be foreign travelers who continued to their flights, according to KTVU.

The sheriff's office is trying to verify the groping allegations.

"Further investigation by San Mateo County Sheriff’s Detectives is currently ongoing regarding the accuracy of statements alleging that Slighton may have motioned women into a private screening room," the sheriff's office statement said. "As of this time, no victims have stepped forward or been identified, however the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is working with allied agencies to identify which flights any possible victims may have taken or to which locations they may have flown."