Eva Longoria Wishes She Still Had Her 20-Year-Old Body

She's loving 40, though.

Eva Longoria is basically ageless, but even she admits she'd rather have her 20-year-old body. 

The actress, who was in Sydney to judge Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Of The Year 2015, spoke to the Daily Mail Australia about aging and enjoying life

"Let me tell you," she said. "I love my 40s -- I want my 20-year-old body -- but I love my 40s." 

The comment struck us as strange, considering Longoria looks amazing just the say she is (like we said: ageless). And these days, it seems way more common for celebs, especially females, to proclaim how comfortable they are with their bodies (which is great, don't get us wrong, but we know it's not always easy to be that confident). 

We're not the only ones who think the "Desperate Housewives" star is gorgeous -- the actress has topped countless hot lists -- but we can't be mad at her for being honest. Because, let's face it, we've all wished for our younger bodies at some point or other. We're human, and so is she. 

But, for reference, here is Longoria in her 20s: 

And here she is today, at 40, looking sexy and amazing as ever: 

The former soap star continued, "When you get older, you appreciate every moment. I know I love my 40s way more than my 20s, I'm just appreciating every moment more."

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Eva Longoria

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