Exorcism In French Town Prompts Residents To Call Police Over Screams

Police in southern France probably didn't know what to expect after they received an onslaught of calls from Limoux residents reporting blood-curdling screams at a nearby property Friday night.

As it turns out, it wasn't a murder in progress, but something far more bizarre. Investigating the reports, police stumbled upon an exorcism ritual being held at an evangelical church.

According to L'Independant, authorities arrived in the midst of the exorcism ritual and stood by as a pastor attempted to expel a "demon" from a member of the congregation. Pastor Régis Berdeilh was reportedly successful in his effort to rid the churchgoer of demonic possession.

Exorcisms are not uncommon in Europe. Last year, the Catholic diocese of Milan doubled the number of priests who are trained to perform the expulsion ceremony. The diocese also debuted an exorcist hotline to handle the large number of requests.

The archdiocese in Madrid announced it had a similar need to meet an increased demand for exorcisms in May.



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