Exposing The Creative Process

The artistic process has always held a kind of alluring mystique. Unknown to the average person, the methods behind art making have always fascinated viewers not only for the technical skill involved but for the transformation of something blank and empty to something complete.


One gallery in Oakland has opened its doors to the public to lift the veil and expose the creative process. Loakal invited 19 heavy-hitting Bay Area artists -- including Jessica Hess, Brett Amory, Zoltron, John Casey, John Wentz, Marcos LaFarga, Eddie Colla and more -- to work side by side for 24 hours in a single room. Challenged to complete a 4' by 8' panel within this time frame, the artists got to interact not only with each other but with spectators. Getting an in-depth view into the practices of art-making, viewers not only had the chance to observe but actually participate in the process. Each artist unique in their style and technique had the opportunity to discuss different practices and expertise with each other. For many of the artists, art is typically a solo act, done alone in one's studio, while street artists and muralists like Ian Ross, Hueman and Nite Owl had more experience with being out in the open while creating their work. During the event, the artists involved turned to each other with a more social approach in their art making.

From street artists to classically trained painters, all gathered to seize the day, or carpe diem. Bringing together the Bay Area art scene by engaging the public not only demystifies the entire act of art-making but also initiates an interchange between artist and viewer. Loakal is located in the Jack London Square district of Oakland and is open 7 days a week to the public. The opening reception for 'Carpe Diem will take place April 4, 6-10 pm. The entire show is on view March 31 - April 28.

Participating artists include: Jessica Hess, Ian Ross, Hueman, Reggie Warlock, Chris Granillo, Eddie Colla, Cameron Thompson, Brett Amory, Lisa Pisa, Nite Owl, John Wentz, John Casey, Marcos LaFarga, Jet Martinez, Cannon Dill, Lauren YS, Zoltron, Max Kauffman and Daryll Peirce."

  • Jet Martinez
  • Jessica Hess
  • Brett Amory
  • Hueman
  • John Casey
  • Max Kaufman
  • Darryl Peirce
  • Zoltron
  • Marco Lafarga
  • Cannon Dill
  • Nite Owl
  • Reggie Warlock
  • Chris Granillo
  • John Wentz
  • Ian Ross
  • Lauren YS
  • Cameron Thompson
  • Eddie Colla
  • Lisa Pisa
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