Incredible Drone Video Shows False Killer Whales Hunt, Kill And Eat A Shark

The shark never really had a chance.

New footage from Australia shows a pod of false killer whales hunt down a lone juvenile shark.

The video, captured by drone hobbyist Bruno Kataoka, shows the false killer whales chasing the shark, tiring it out and then going in for the kill.

"We did not expect to see what we saw, it was a really exciting moment," Kataoka told 7 News Sydney. "National Geographic guys waiting months to get such a thing, and we just happened to be there in the right moment and the right time."

The station reported that the false killer whales were between 10 and 16 feet long.

Like killer whales (aka orcas), false killer whales are not actually whales but dolphins. False killer whales and killer whales share some physical traits and both hunt other marine mammals, but Whale Facts notes the two are not closely related.

The website also said that, on rare occasions, false killer whales have mated with bottlenose dolphins, resulting in a hybrid known as a "wholphin."

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