Family Greetings That Will Stop Your Mother In Her Tracks

Tired of hearing your mother ask you when you're going to find the right person and settle down? Try sending a holiday greeting like this. That'll keep your mom quiet.

In my 14 year self-portrait photo series, LIFE ONCE REMOVED, the image of a "perfect life" is lampooned. Mannequins and humor are used to comment on mid-20th century societal expectations still present for women of a "certain age" to marry and have children. Asking, "Why is it that women need a wedding ring and a baby carriage to be seen as successful?"

Annually, I'll photograph myself posing with an artificial family for our Holiday Portrait for a "Holiday Greeting." Being single at a time that's all about family can make you feel like an Outsider. I got very tired of other people sending me holiday cards, complete with adorable photos of growing kids, and puppies wearing Santa hats. As a single, child-free woman, how could I display my developments over the past year? Was a family a badge of honor, and of a life well lived? Did I need to go buy a puppy and a Santa Hat? I thought, why don't I just buy a family? Taking charge of the situation, as if a credit card purchase would solve what others perceived as my incompletion as a woman.

A Single Girl's Answer to the Family Holiday Greeting Card

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