15 Catalogs That Make Us Nostalgic For Mail-Order Fashion

15 Catalogs That Make Us Nostalgic For Mail-Order Fashion

One of our fondest childhood memories is lying on the floor with a stack of catalogs and colorful markers. (This was also how our moms kept us us out of their hair.)

We get teary-eyed just remembering the smell of the JCPenney catalogs and how we'd circle all the clothes we wanted the mailman to deliver right away.

Mail order catalogs was how our shopping addictions got started. We've since graduated to outlet malls and online shopping. But as holiday shopping season roll around and we get nostalgic for the Sears Wish Book, we'd like to pay homage to some of the most unforgettable catalogs.


Back-to-school shopping wasn't complete without flipping through the pages of the JCPenney catalog. Afterwards, we'd reuse the super thick book as a doorstop.

jcpenney catalog


The entire family's style game was on point thanks to the fashions found inside this department store's catalog.

sears catalog


Spiegel was always ahead of other catalogs when it came to trends. Just look at this amazing example of boho chic.

spiegel catalog

Montgomery Ward

Our grandmothers were the talk of the town with the tailored sheath dresses and kitten heels they ordered from this catalog.

montgomery ward catalog

Lana Lobell

If you wanted to dress like a lady, this was a great place to start.

lana lobell catalog


All the real sneakerheads know that Eastbay was where you'd find the flyest kicks and athletic gear.

eastbay catalog


With tempting taglines like "Easy Summer Living," "Lower Prices" and "50% Off," how could our mothers resist?

chadwicks catalog


Our associate fashion editor (and resident Canadian) Michelle's eyes practically lit up when we started chatting about this mail order catalog.

eatons catalog


The Nordstrom catalog covers are some of the most GLAMOROUS, giving fashion glossies a run for their money.

nordstrom catalog

Victoria's Secret

Before we built up the courage to actually step inside the brick-and-mortar store to score five for $26 panties, we ordered our unmentionables from the catalog.

victorias secret catalog


The brightly-colored designs from the Delia's catalog tell the story of our teenage years.

delias catalog


From apparel to medicine to housewares, you could order just about anything from this catalog.

gimbel catalog


The Strawbridge's catalog brought home shoppers into the world of fine goods that the department store was known for.

strawbridges catalog

Marshall Field

We think the Marshall Field catalog's mission to introduce "American ladies" to "coming European fashions in advance of the season" just about sums up this book.

marshall fields catalog


Full disclosure: We are still holding on to a pair of medium-wash jeans that we ordered from Alloy. We can transform them into cut-offs, right?

alloy catalog

We miss the good 'ol days:

Deanna Durbin '40s

Vintage Fashion Moments

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