Favre On Leno: Retirement Gift Given During Tonight Show (VIDEO)

Favre On Leno: Retirement Gift Given During Tonight Show (VIDEO)

Brett Favre, who hasn't missed a game since 1992, ended a long streak on Thursday night. The legendary NFL quarterback appeared on the Tonight Show for the first in 13 years. His last visit was so long ago, Jay Leno was the host.

While Leno has only made one comeback, Favre has made a few. He didn't really reveal what's in store for his future in football, but did admit he can sing along to Hannah Montana songs. Favre has always been an odd mix of traditional and unconventional. He said he traveled to Los Angeles with an entourage -- including his priest and mother-in-law.

Favre ducked a question about any animosity towards the Green Bay Packers, his old team, and said his biggest accomplishment was winning over Minnesota Vikings fans this season. He also ducked a question about next season, telling Leno, "It's only been a month. I know now that I'm just not going to say anything anytime soon. I'm just gonna' kinda' sit back, relax and enjoy the offseason."

Then Leno pulled a few tricks to coax a better answer out of Favre.


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