Female Desire: Author Daniel Bergner And Former EIC Of Playgirl Ronnie Koening, Discuss The Subject (VIDEO)

"What do women want?" This question has been the subject of many a conversation, an entire Mel Gibson movie and now a book of the same name by journalist Daniel Bergner.

Bergner stopped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday to discuss his research on female desire with host Caitlyn Becker and former Editor In Chief of Playgirl, Ronnie Koening. Bergner contended that his findings supported the theory that women want to be wanted. "More or less, there's something about female sexuality that responds really powerfully to strong desire coming a woman's way," he said.

Koening argued that women are often surprised when they're desired. "A man would come out and say, 'I'm so sexy, I could be in Playgirl,'" she said. "And a woman's response is the exact opposite. Like, 'oh am I worthy of sexual attention?' They're sort of surprised when they're wanted so deeply."

Watch the full clip above and click over to HuffPost Live to watch the whole segment.



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