My New Lime Green Fiestaware Is Brightening Up My Winter

I love the color so much I’ve rearranged my cabinets to give them their own shelf.
A Fiestaware five-piece set in lemongrass.

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I recently spent a day with my Virgo king father that was full of walking, eating and perusing the cookware section of Macy’s. We were testing the handles of Calphalon sauce pans when a glimmer of color caught my eye.

There, in the plate section, was a beacon of neon yellow-green, like a highlighter or hi-vis vest, just waiting for me. It was the cheeriest color of Fiesta dinnerware I’ve ever seen, and I knew I needed some.

As long-time lover of color, I’ve been so excited to see the recent resurgence of neon home and cooking items. Yeti has a great selection of bright drinkware (all of which I covet) and I was so excited to get a bright yellow Nutribullet last summer to make equally colorful smoothies.

Upon researching the history of Fiesta colors, I learned this hue is called “lemongrass” and has actually been in production since 2009. Yet, even as a Fiestaware lover, it was new to me. I grew up with a set of Fiesta cereal bowls in pink that I still use when I’m at my parent’s house, and always get excited when an Airbnb or friend’s house has a collection of reds, blues and oranges.

But this super bright green-yellow was so fresh and fun, I couldn’t wait to bring it home. As a birthday gift, my dad got me two plates and a bowl (nothing says “You live alone” like someone giving you a single setting) and they soon became my favorite thing to eat off. I love the color so much I’ve rearranged my cabinets to give them their own shelf.

Made in America from vitrified ceramic and lead-free glaze, Fiesta pieces are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, plus oven-safe up to 350 degrees. They’re hefty without being weighty, so they feel sturdy in your hand and you don’t have to be extra fussy when cleaning them. They’re durable enough to be used every day, and they have a 5-year chip resistance warranty if something should happen.

You can get a pretty solid selection of Fiesta dinnerware at Wayfair, Macy’s and the brand’s own website, allowing you to mix and match in an assortment of happy colors. (There are even some odds and ends at Amazon.) If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars or are just ready to get some new timeless everyday plates with a vintage feel in a sunny color palette, here are some of my favorite sets.

A useful trio for all sorts of meals
While this isn't the exact trio I got (I went with the medium bistro bowl instead of the classic medium bowl), I think it's a great way to test out a new color. The big dinner plate is great for large meals or for putting out snacks or cheese when company is over. The smaller plate is great for sandwiches, fruit or other snacks, and some sort of bowl is a must for me, for night cereal or soup. This set comes in 12 colors that are not all neon, but I can't say it enough: The lemongrass just does it for me.
Or the same trio plus a mug!
Don't be fooled by the darker tone in this photo, this set comes in the same happy bright yellow-green as the one above — only with a mug! The perfect place setting, this gives you a larger dinner plate, a smaller plate, a bowl and a surprisingly modern coffee mug with a cool circle handle.
An everyday five-piece place setting
A versatile set that ends up being less than $10 a piece, this five-piece lemongrass setting has all the parts of the three-piece with a mug and saucer. If you're stocking a new kitchen or just want a complete set for yourself, this one really has it all.
Or a 12-piece dinnerware collection with four sets
Of course, if you know you're in love with lemongrass, I'd suggest springing for this 12-piece set containing four dinner plates, four smaller plates and four medium bowls. It will make your table look like summer all year round, and gives your space some color while still looking purposeful and tailored.

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