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Fifty Shades Of Grey Adorable Animals: The Version You Aren't Embarrassed To Read In Public

Christian Grey -- eh, yeah he's easy on the eyes. But we're in such a deep, all-consuming love affair with our charming furry companions below that we hardly noticed that the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trailer dropped Thursday.

We give you our true obsession -- Fifty Shades Of Grey adorable animals.


2) cute gray animals

3) gray animals


5) cute gray animals



8) dog


10) cute gray animals

11) gray baby birds



14) gray animals


16) gray animals

17) cute gray animals

18) gray animals


20) gray animals

21) baby ring tailed lemur

22) gray animals

23) sloth

24) gray animals

25) gray animals


27) gray animals

28) gray animals

29) armadillo

30) gray animals

31) gray animals


33) gray animals

34) gray animals

35) ayeaye


37) gray animals

38) cute gray animals

39) gray animals

40) gray hedgehog

41) baby raccoon

42) donkey



45) gray animals

46) cute mouse


48) gray mouse lemur

49) guinea pig

50) gray animals

Alex Greenshpun Photography
Here are the rescue kitties a day or two after Greenshpun found them, according to Behance.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
This little one is named Ursula.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
This is Philli.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Broonie (short for Brunhilda) is buddies with the dog. She is very outgoing.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Phoebe is a big fan of slippers.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Titto, pictured here, was the runt of the litter.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Ursula (left) and Phoebe (right), were adopted together! This is great news because the sisters are quite attached to one another.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Alex Greenshpun Photography
Philli has also been adopted into a loving forever home.
Alex Greenshpun Photography
"If there's any message behind the story and photos worth spreading, apart from the obvious 'adopt, don't shop,' it is that spaying and neutering our pets can save countless lives," Greenshpun told Mashable. "Our kittens were lucky, but many are not."