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Find Success Through Chasing Your Someday

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Someday is a myth.

Someday hangs out with Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster; carefully staying out of the camera's reality clutches. Someday prefers the shadowy distance; putting off things like completing that leggy to-do list, achieving work-life balance or even (gasp) reaching an inbox zero. Someday is a hazy time gap somewhere between a wish and a follow-through. Most will tell you to forget someday, because it simply doesn't exist. They'll say things like "keep your head down, don't buck the system and stop dreaming." Because, let's be honest -- with yesterday already gone -- we really only have today. And today is often all too real.

There's hope in someday.

It's reassuring when we pause our daily routine, gaze out the window and imagine what our someday could be. Everyone's is different. However, universally, someday is the satisfaction you'll have when you feel like you've finally made it--whatever your it may be. Achieving a lifelong goal, overcoming adversity, basking in fame, or even simply (exhale and unfurl your brow) finding peace of mind with those you love. There's something about someday's promise that's very motivating--that is, if we take action toward actually achieving it. If we roll up our sleeves and set our sights beyond today's perceived limitations. Someday gives us a star to reach for. An idea to actualize. A reason to keep going.

My dad believed in my someday.

Growing up, my dad instilled a level of expectation in me that left me constantly grasping for something just out of reach. He showed me that optimism, commitment and hustle can flatten obstacles. What I didn't realize at the time was that he was teaching me to be self-driven--to accept challenges and quietly, yet fearlessly, overcome them. And looking back now, I know that main skill was meant to give me a better chance at my own someday. During my last visit with him, he told me I could accomplish anything as long as someone was telling me I could. And at the core, that someone had to be myself.

My dad enabled somedays for others.

As a teacher, he took pride in helping those who didn't have a good chance at their somedays--the kids who were underdogs or troublemakers. He believed these kids could do well if they worked hard, and they sensed he meant it. Starting from a place of expected success rather than anticipated failure was often all it took to change their life paths. And with their first 'A', they'd run down the hall to show my dad this hard-fought evidence of their newly found potential.

Someday never waits.

Opportunities are everywhere, but easy to miss. So ask yourself, what can you be doing now to make your or someone else's someday happen sooner than later? Because your honest belief in yourself or in someone else can fuel the self-drive necessary for reaching a meaningful goal. That is, if you're willing to believe in a crazy, imaginary thing like someday. And then, even crazier, bravely chase it.

This piece was written in memory of and with gratitude for my dad. As a coach and teacher, he pushed me and many others to be more than we thought we could be. I hope this way of thinking will inspire many more to think beyond the boundaries of today. Read more creativity inspired pieces at my blog. Follow me on twitter at @jenhohn.