How Do You Celebrate When You Reach A Fitness Goal?

It can be tricky to commemorate reaching a health or fitness goal when you're used to using food as a reward. If your usual fete includes baked goods or a fancy dinner out, how do you celebrate your success without undoing all your hard work?

We asked our Facebook and Twitter pals exactly that -- and it turns out they have some seriously smart suggestions. Here are some of our favorites:

Buying a great new outfit! --Lynn Randall Moyer

Posting/sharing a new pic of me. --Bhavesh Kalia

When I reach my fitness goal I will celebrate by going skydiving! --Hank Hrdlicka

Getting a spa day. --Eva Pagoulatos

New tattoo. --Markie See

Wearing my size 6 pants again and going for a long walk without running out of breath. --June Newbery

Check out a few more suggestions in the slideshow below. Then tell us in the comments how you celebrate reaching a fitness goal!