Flying Hovercraft: Rudy Heeman's Crazy Creation Is 'Fast And Furious' (VIDEO)

A New Zealand inventor and hovercraft aficionado has used parts from his barbecue, his daughter's scooter, and his wife's car to create a hovercraft that can fly.

The craft--a standard hovercraft fitted with detachable wings--can fly at up to 96 kmh and at a height of around 1.5 meters.

Rudy Heeman, who created the 'hoverwing,' has been building hovercraft in his spare time for over a decade and says he spent over 800 hours and tens of thousands of dollars creating his flying gizmo.

Heeman says of his creation, according to the Telegraph:

This machine is fast and furious, it roars like a lion and is not for the faint-hearted. It is adrenalin-pumping and exciting.

Having a go on it is like a bungee jump, however, the thrill lasts as long as the ride.

He tells the Nelson Mail, 'I've taught myself how to fly, and my hovercraft how to fly.'

According to Heeman, the craft, which can be used on land, would be helpful for farmers: 'You can land in a paddock and you wouldn't have to worry about opening and closing the gates. You just go over them.'

See the flying hovercraft in action below.