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Some Geniuses Made Vodka With San Francisco's Fog

Mmm, Karl.

If your memory feels a little foggy tomorrow morning, we'll know why.

This vodka actually contains San Francisco fog, and we can't condense our eagerness to try a shot (or five).

Fog Point Vodka is a mix of water harvested from San Francisco fog and vodka distilled from local California wine. The result is a "crisp, pure, and gluten free" vodka with "with elegant hints of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle," according to distillery Hangar 1, which produces Fog Point.

Mmm, the weather phenomenon known as Karl never tasted so good.

To be clear, the vodka isn't actually made out of fog, but rather contains fog that's been harvested from the sultry skies of Northern California.

Fog water "has a little bit of an earthy note to it," Caley Shoemaker, the head distiller at Hangar 1, told Time. "For some reason what always springs to my mind is like, if you’re standing next to a stream on a warm day, the scent of moist rocks.”

How does Hangar 1 capture this fog, you ask? Why, with a giant mesh fog catcher, of course:

The fog is then blended with wine for a "fog vodka" that's sending the Internet into an intoxicated tizzy.

A bottle of Fog Point runs $125. It's a limited edition run, as Hanger 1 says they only have so many bottles of fog water to work with. Bottles can be pre-ordered now for shipping at the end of June, or you can taste it in a number of bars and restaurants in California, New York and Florida.

The coolest part, perhaps, is that a portion of the sales proceeds will go to FogQuest, an organization that helps communities in need harvest their own water from fog and rain.

If you wanna drink your vodka for cheap, though, we don't blame you. Cheers!

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