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7 Things We Can All Learn From The Homes Of Food Network Stars

We love the kitchens of our favorite Food Network hosts. We practically know them -- in all their airy, high-tech, perfectly-organized glory -- inside out. But that hasn't stopped us from wondering what the rest of their homes look like.

So when the network offered up house tours in the October issue of its magazine, we were naturally all over it.

Step inside the homes of Ina Garten, Jose Garces, Marcela Valladolid and Masaharu Morimoto and read on for the 7 decorating lessons they each brought to the table.

Two Rugs Are Better Than One
Beatriz da Costa/Food Network Magazine
You may have heard design folks talk about the "layered" look. This is what they mean. The tight, small-scale seating arrangement in Ina Garten's otherwise lofty space keeps things cozy.
Neutrals Never Go Out Of Style
Ina Garten's béchamel-colored room can be used as the foundation layer for something even lovelier. You can create anything you want from here. Or, enjoy it just as it is.
'Cultural' Doesn't Have To Be Cliché
Dave Lauridsen/Food Network Magazine
"I wanted the place to identify with Mexico without hitting all of the stereotypes," Valladolid tells the magazine of her hillside home in Chula Vista, CA. "No serapes or sombreros. I wanted something more clean, crisp and subtle."
Art Doesn't Have To Be Hung
Dave Lauridsen/Food Network Magazine
Take Marcella's collection of prints and plates, for example.
Outdoor Entertaining Isn't Only For Summer
Jason Varney/Food Network Magazine
If you had a 2,000-square-foot deck with a full outdoor kitchen like Iron Chef Jose Garces does, you'd want to use it year-round, too.
Design Cues Are Everywhere
Jason Varney/Food Network Magazine
Remember what we said about two rugs being better than one? The same rules apply to dining tables, if you've got the space. Garces' designer cut this one in half, giving the room a restaurant feel. (Garces should know -- he owns 18 of them.)
A View Of The Ocean Is Only Nice If You Can See It
Linny Morris
At his apartment overlooking the Manoa Valley in Hawaii, chef Masaharu Morimoto opted for a view of the mountains instead.
Check out more photos from inside these homes in the October issue of Food Network magazine, on newsstands now.

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