For Military Spouses, Labor Day Isn't Always A Picnic

The original Labor Day was established by Congress in 1894 and was dedicated to celebrating the opportunity to labor. We honor and recognize all that American workers have contributed to the strength of our great nation.

For military spouses, Labor Day is another reminder of the professional disparity between having a civilian career path versus being a military dependent and one's opportunity to "labor." According to a study conducted by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, military spouses move 10x more than civilian counterparts and consequently have a higher unemployment rate, making the pursuit of professional careers nearly impossible.

America's Career Force has determined remote, portable careers are the key for military spouses to be able to pursue a professional career alongside their active duty soldier. Regardless of their geographic location, spouses can continue to work remotely when it's time to move. Leigh Searl, founder of America's Career Force, who is also a military spouse, decided to provide their services for free saying:

This organization was founded for military spouses by military spouses. Having a professional career has been a very difficult endeavor for me and it simply doesn't have to be that hard with all the technology and resources at our fingertips. I want to resolve this disconnect for those spouses who follow in my footsteps and connect them with remote careers.

Dr. Jude Black, CEO & Founder of E-Therapy Café, Expert Online Counseling for Today's Busy World, commented on the value of having the opportunity to work as a military spouse saying, "As a clinical therapist, I can't stress enough, the importance self-worth, life satisfaction, and a sense of purpose. As a military spouse, I fully appreciate the challenges related to being a ;trailing spouse' and settling for a position that is less than or simply not a good fit. The online, remote world is a genius solution to these issues." Companies like E-Therapy Café and PepsiCo are looking to America's Career Force to hire military spouses for remote employment.

Military Spouses want a chance at living the American dream. This Labor Day America's Career Force would like businesses across America to help fulfill military spouse D.R.E.A.M.S (Discovering Remote Employment for America's Military Spouses) of "labor" and Hire Just One military spouse for a remote career. Leigh notes that, "Not every job is suitable for remote employment but there is at least one job in every company that could be remote." America has nearly 28 million businesses and with 600,000 military spouses currently seeking employment, there is plenty of opportunity.

This Labor Day, as we take a break from work and honor all that workers have contributed to the strength of our nation, think of the military spouses around the world who are out there also contributing to the strength of our nation and simply want to have a career alongside their soldier. Help America's Career Force and "Hire Just One" military spouse for remote employment.