Foundation Tips: A Video Guide To The Basics Of Skin Makeup (WATCH)

With all the makeup tips out there, it can be surprisingly difficult to learn the basics that everyone seems to already understand. Fake eyelashes and sparkly bronzer and smoky eyes are fun sometimes, but for the most part, what you really need to know about makeup is just the everyday, unglamorous stuff, like how to cover up zits or find a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone.

Many video beauty tutorials are geared towards creating elaborate looks, but Rookie Mag's new "Face-ics" series tells you how to correctly do natural-looking makeup that you can easily use as your routine every morning before school. In the video above, Brooklyn-based writer Amy Rose gives practical lessons on things like mastering BB Cream, and shows you what other products to use if you need fuller coverage.

Teen Vogue also offers a helpful guide to the best BB Creams for radiant skin, and tips for covering up acne with concealer.

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