The Best YouTube Foundation Tutorials For Women With Dark Skin

Press "play" to upgrade your makeup routine.

Many people struggle with finding a foundation that matches their complexion, goes on seamlessly and doesn't transfer all over the place. But these makeup problems are tenfold for women with dark skin.

Why? Well for starters, there aren't as many options of foundation shades for darker skin, compared to individuals with light-to-medium skin tones. Most cosmetic companies miss the mark with formulas that are too red or too yellow. Not to mention, those that do get it right are often way too expensive.

Thankfully, there's a select group of YouTube beauty vloggers who can teach women with dark skin a thing or two about choosing the right foundation and perfecting their application technique. Get ready to take plenty of notes!

Jackie Aina: 10 Steps To Flawless Foundation
We are huge fans of Jackie here at HuffPost! She's a trained makeup artist who uses her uncanny humor to deliver spot-on foundation tips, including prepping with a moisturizer and primer.
Patricia Bright: How To Choose The Right Foundation
The British blogger is like a mini Pat McGrath. She has a wealth of makeup knowledge, and her trick to testing foundations on the back of your hand for an entire day is a game-changer.
MonicaStyleMuse: Drugstore Makeup For Dark Skin
This gorgeous Latina blogger is bubbly and brilliant. And she has killer style, too! In this tutorial, she shares with us all the drugstore products you'll need to get a beautiful foundation look.
Nikki Perkins: Everyday Makeup Routine
Between her soothing Aussie accent and stunning features, Perkins is definitely one to watch. The model/blogger starts her everyday makeup look with well-groomed brows before perfecting her gorgeous complexion. Major key!
Tiarra Monet: Flawless 10-Minute Face
Simplicity is the secret to Tiarra Monet's easy foundation routine. Once she's concealed dark spots she blends, blends and blends on her face makeup for a seamless finish.
Cydnee Black: Summer Foundation Routine
First of all, that is Cydnee's real eye color. She gets that question quite a lot. Secondly, less is more is the name of the game when it comes to her foundation application method. For a "your skin but even better" look, start here.
Avielle Amor: Winter Glow Foundation Routine
Get into this glow! Now that we know the trick behind Avielle's translucent foundation makeup (hint: she uses a luminous primer), we will be doing this until we grow tired of it.
Destiny Godley: Best Dark Skin Foundation Routine
There are quite a few steps in Destiny Godley's foundation routine for dark skin tones. But, they all add up to make quite the standout look.

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