Four Reasons Why I Support Hillary Clinton for President

We can be observers of the political process. Or we can be part of it. For most of my life I have been an observer and a participant.

Today, I want to state why I support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. It is not a difficult decision.

First, among all the candidates in either party, she is the most qualified to be President of United States. Clinton brings experience in the non-profit and government sectors, representing the people of this country with excellence. Her work with the Children's Defense Fund is often overlooked because of her more recent work as a U.S. Senator and as Secretary of State. Each brings its own challenges, and despite any criticism of her actions, not one other candidate has demonstrated both national and international leadership.

Second, Hillary Clinton has shown that she understands the issues and how they underpin the aspirations of real people. It is a balancing of what works for the majority of country, instead of dividing Americans on every issue. In running for the U.S. Senate, she overcame the negativity generated during that race because she listened to the people in her state. She is doing the same in the Presidential race. The office of President is to lead all people, not just the few. That is what democracy is about.

Third, Hillary Clinton is intelligent and understands that issues are complex and governance includes compromise. It is easy to go on a campaign trail and make promises that cannot be delivered. In listening to her speak, she knows, and will tell you, what can be done, and what will require more effort. Americans are disappointed with promises that cannot be achieved. If it is hard, she tells us so.

Finally, Hillary Clinton remembers that social justice, the needs of women and children, and the health of the planet and its people is paramount to our survival. Her body of work attests to her passion and her commitment. She shares the values of so many of us who have been dedicated to justice in the world.

There a hundred different things to could be added to why Clinton is our best choice. In the end, she is my choice for President for these reasons and because I believe that she stands for all of us at a time when the country needs her leadership.