Four Asian Students Pulled Off The Best Yearbook Prank

An epic Nguyen.

When it comes to microaggressions, Asian-Americans have heard it all. "How come you guys all look the same?" "Where are you really from?" And the classic, "Are you all related?"

Four Vietnamese high school students who've probably heard that last one too many times served a rejoinder in a hilarious, coordinated yearbook stunt.

The students, all of whom have the common Vietnamese surname "Nguyen," added text below their photos (where an inspirational quote usually goes) that add up to the sentence: WE ARE NOT RELATED.

The stunt was posted without comment last week in the Reddit forum /funny, where it was heavily upvoted.

Anyone who's experienced the extensive paperwork involved in obtaining a year book during senior year of high school must admire the logistics involved here. The students had to confirm they were all in one row, get permission from the judicious editorial oversight of Yearbook Club, and not raise eyebrows from any faculty advisors.

We admire their prowess, even though it's a callback to a similar 2012 stunt pulled by eight (!) Vietnamese seniors at a San Jose high school who used their yearbook quotes to say, "We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not related."

In case you were wondering, the name "Nguyen" is pronounced similar to "win," as in "epic Nguyen."

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