Fox Sneaks Into UK Parliament, Poops Outside Politician's Door

But the cunning creature could only outfox the cops for so long.

A fox slipped into the U.K. Parliament and pooped on the floor.

The cunning creature was caught on camera evading security and roaming around the Portcullis House building in central London on Thursday.

It ran through the lobby and rode an escalator to where lawmakers’ offices are located, Sky News reported . It then deposited this memento outside the office of Labour member of Parliament Kerry McCarthy:

“So apparently there was a fox running around in Portcullis House atrium about half an hour ago, and now I’ve just found this outside my office (2 floors up!)” McCarthy captioned the snap.

Footage that The Sun newspaper’s Westminster correspondent Kate Ferguson later shared on Twitter showed police removing the animal from the building inside a crate, and then releasing it onto a sidewalk:

The animal’s adventures inevitably captured the attention of people on social media, with some referencing the United Kingdom’s ban on fox hunting: