New York Daily News Slaps Donald Trump With A Searing Mob Movie Nickname

The tabloid newspaper worked Trump into an iconic film poster.

The New York Daily News added to the long list of swipes it’s taken at President Donald Trump with its Saturday cover.

The tabloid worked Trump into the iconic poster for the hit 1974 movie “The Godfather Part II” ― but instead called him “The GOPFather” to signify his stranglehold over the Republican Party.

The film’s original poster shows Al Pacino sitting in the chair as his gangster character Michael Corleone. “Don takes care of family business in Friday night massacre,” the newspaper wrote underneath.

The accompanying story detailed Trump’s earlier firing of European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland and Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the top National Security Council official on Ukraine.

Both men testified against Trump in the House’s investigation into the Ukraine scandal. Pundits have interpreted their dismissals as an act of revenge by the president.

On Thursday, the Daily News responded to the GOP-controlled Senate’s vote to acquit Trump with this dark front page: