Fresh Eyes

Yes, this is one of Andy Grammer's latest songs and you have probably heard it song before.

But, before you continue reading, take a minute and click HERE so you can listen to this song. I mean, really listen. Not just the beat or while you are doing something else but really listen to the words.

What did you hear?

How did it make you feel?

Recently, I started incorporating this song as part of one of my Workshops "How to Avoid Losing Yourself in the Shuffle of Life." And in this exercise, I ask the audience to think about three (3) words that describes their truest, best self. Three (3) words that describes how they want to be perceived by others; how they want to contribute. Another way of thinking about this is say you left a room after having a conversation with your colleagues, friends, etc. What words would you want them to use to describe you? Confident...Caring...Strong...Smart...Authentic...Reliable...Present...

The second part of this exercise is after you think about and write down your three (3) words, write a sentence explaining why each of those words is important to you. What meaning do they have? Why did you pick those words? What do they represent for you?

Now, for those of you who have read my recent book, Living Intentionally: How to Bring Balance to You and Your Family or who are or have been a client of mine, you are familiar with this exercise. I ran two workshops last week in NYC and Chicago and it was new for both audiences. And for some it was easy and others it was a bit more challenging.

You see, I'm not looking for words that are labels like mom, wife, daughter, business owner, neighbor, lawyer, engineer, etc. I'm not looking for words that describe how you see your roles in your life.

I'm looking for words that are adjectives that describe YOU. No labels but how you want to show up each and every day.

A caveat to this, as I can imagine you may be shaking your head or almost tuning me out but give me a few more seconds...

I realize that maybe one of the words you wrote down is something you are comfortable with; something you know you already do. But maybe one or two of the others are 'stretches' for you or words you aspire to be. So while you may not feel you are 'showing up' or 'living into them' each and every day - now that you have written them down, now that you have given them definition, now that you have given them your attention - you cannot help but to come back to them and work TOWARD them each and every day.

No, you are not perfect...I know I'm not. But what I do know is you have great intentions! Just look at your three words! You now see yourself with FRESH EYES!

I got these fresh eyes, never seen you before like this
My God, you're beautiful
It's like the first time when we open the door
Before we got used to usual

So suddenly I'm in love with a stranger
I can't believe that she's mine
Now all I see is you with fresh eyes

Appreciation, well, it comes and it goes
But I, I'll ride that wave with you
It's human nature to miss what's under your nose
'Til you, 'til you remind a fool

Maybe all of this is simple
My heart's unconditional
~ Andy Grammer