Northern Ireland Schoolboy Makes Internet Swoon With Possibly The Best Accent Ever

Tell your neighbors; tell your friends: The search for the best accent in the world may be over, thanks to a merry schoolboy from Northern Ireland.

This week, 18-year-old Ruairí McSorley (yep, even his name is awesome) was interviewed by local station UTV about the freezing conditions in the region.

McSorley, who had apparently braved his journey to school without a coat, cheerfully described just how chilly it was in the area. “You wouldn’t be long gettin' frostbit,” he declared, each word heavy with his unique accent.

A video of McSorley’s interview has since racked up millions of views, with netizens everywhere falling head over heels with his way of speaking.

The teen has "the best accent you've never heard," wrote The Daily Dot Wednesday.

Watch a longer version of McSorley’s UTV interview below. It's totally worth your time. We promise.



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