'F*ck Yeah Fat PhDs' Tumblr Responds To Geoffrey Miller's Controversial Tweet

Professor Geoffrey Miller found himself in a world of trouble this week when he tweeted that fat people did not have the willpower to complete a PhD program.

His actions have been criticized on mainstream news sites like the Atlantic and the New York Post, as well as on women's blogs. "Dr. Miller is just another one in a series of people who thinks it's OK to trash talk people's bodies," Marianne at xoJane noted.

And Laura Beck at Jezebel commented: "I guess this explains why I only got my BFA at NYU. Maybe if I'd have the willpower to lose 50 pounds, they would've been cool with taking more of my money? But honestly, I don't know how I could've gotten through my dissertation -- my hands were always too busy shoveling food into my face holes to pick up a pen."

One of our favorite responses to Miller's offensive comment comes from Dr. Cat Pausé, who runs the blog Friend of Marilyn. Pausé set up a Tumblr where fat people who hold -- or are currently completing -- an advanced degree can display their pictures. Most images currently on the Tumblr are of women, though the project is also open to men. Early this morning, Pausé tweeted that she had received over 100 submissions to the blog.

Click over to F*ck Yeah! Fat PhDs to see more or to participate in this amazing project.

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