Fugitive In 24-Year-Old Torture Case Arrested In Mexico

Paul Jackson's alleged victims say the arrest of the "monster" is a relief.

It's difficult for Andrea Hood to recall the kidnapping and torture she endured in 1990, when she was just 17.

She spoke to CNN through tears Tuesday, a day after one of her alleged captors, Paul Erven Jackson, was arrested in Mexico. He'd been on the run for 24 years.

"He's just a monster," Hood said. "Has no regard for women or anybody ... I’m just relieved that he’s caught, and hopefully he’ll get to spend the rest of his life locked up, like they had intended for me."

Mexican immigration authorities, working with the U.S. Marshals Service, arrested Jackson at a hotel in downtown Guadalajara on Monday. Jackson had been on the run since his mother bailed him out of jail in Oregon in 1991, according to The Oregonian.

Police say Jackson and his brother, Vance Roberts, would kidnap prostitutes and bring them to Roberts' Hillsboro home, west of Portland, where they would lock up the women and torture them sexually for days on end.

The pair was arrested in June 1990 after Hood, bloody and bruised, escaped through the only window in the house that wasn't barred shut. But the brothers fled after their mother bailed them out the following year. Roberts inexplicably turned himself in in 2006, and is currently serving a 108-year sentence.

It wasn't until July of this year, when Jackson was featured on an episode of CNN's "The Hunt with John Walsh," that a viewer tipped authorities off to his whereabouts.

Based on photographic evidence they found in the Hillsboro home, police believe the brothers had additional victims. But the only two that have come forward are Hood and Michaelle Dierich, who was 20 at the time she was kidnapped in 1988. Both victims have said they were drug addicts working the street at the time.

Dierich said previously that the two men abducted her in a pickup after she agreed to perform a sex act for $30, the Associated Press reports. She was then chained up in a closet and tortured. Her screams for help went unnoticed, and she endured the brothers' attacks for a week until they put a hood over her head, drove her away from the property and dropped her off in Portland.

"You brutalized me, you terrorized me," she said during Roberts' sentencing in 2007. "You left me mentally and emotionally crippled beyond words or expression."

After Hood's escape in 1990, police searched the home and found chains, women's underwear, rope, sex toys and photos of other victims.

Hood says she felt relief when she was notified of Jackson's capture. 

"There was always that hope in the back of my mind that he'll get caught," she told The Oregonian on Monday.

Authorities believe Jackson has been living in Mexico for several years under the fake name Paul Bennett Hamilton. He'll likely have court proceedings in Mexico before he's extradited to the U.S., though his return hasn't yet been scheduled.