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'Game Of Thrones' Fan Goes All Out For 1-Year-Old Daughter's Birthday Party

First birthdays are meant to be celebrated in epic "Game of Thrones" fashion.

Just ask Redditor wierddad, who went all out for his daughter Emma's first birthday, otherwise known as her "name day." A name day is a custom celebrated in author George R. R. Martin's fictional Seven Kingdoms. It is an annual celebration on the day a baby was named in order to keep track of the child's age.

For the big day, wierddad fashioned a seat similar to the Iron Throne with a Pottery Barn Kids chair, a glue gun and some foam-board swords. A name day banner hung on the wall, and two felines were seated on the throne as guards.

"[M]y child's first birthday party," he wrote on Reddit. "Might have gone overboard."

Overboard? We think this is an effort even King Joffrey would have applauded.

Game Of Thrones Lego