Gator Knocks On Florida Couple's Door

Gator Knocks On Florida Couple's Door

There's trouble a'knockin'.

A Coral Springs, Florida, couple were perplexed when they heard a knock on their door early Thursday morning. But their confusion soon turned to shock when they found a 9-foot alligator camped out on their doorstep.

"It was nuts, I couldn't believe it," resident Luann Alonso said, according to NBC Miami. "I thought it was not real."

Her husband, Jorge, heard a racket outside and thought it was a raccoon. He turned the porch lights on to scope out the scene and saw the huge gator.

“As soon as I turned the light on, I saw that big gator right in front of the door,” Alonso told WFOR. “The tail was facing the front window and his body was against the door and we couldn’t get out.”

Alonso, who usually walks the family dog early in the morning, said he's lucky he didn't stumble across the animal.

The couple called police, who had a trapper get rid of the gator. The 9-foot reptile is considered a nuisance and will not be returned to the wild, according to CBS Miami.

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