Gay For Pay Porn Stars: Are They Really Gay?

Before working at Next Door Studios I had heard of the term gay-for-pay, but I wasn't really sure what all that label entailed. I, like many gay men, always had a fetish for straight men. The difference was my relationships with straight men didn't involve money or the spotlight, but usually involved alcohol and some pretend sleeping. Most of these guys are married and have kids now and I was a part of their "experimental phase. " A phase that they have moved on from and probably have not continued into their adult life.

I find it really fascinating that so many seemingly complete straight guys from small town America are willing to be paid to do gay porn. First of all, let me start by saying that I obviously don't have any issues with it. In fact, there is something really attractive about the fact these guys are open-minded enough to go "there." The thing is, I grew up in a tiny town in Ohio and most of these guys remind me of my high school friends, whom I know for a fact would never consider doing gay porn. So this conversation lends itself to this question: What type of straight guy does it take to do gay porn?

I am far from an expert on this topic, I am writing this more as a open letter to see what everyone feels about this topic by asking the following questions. Are they really gay? Do they need the money that bad? Is it for attention?

Are they really gay?

I have probably worked with close to 25 gay-for-pay porn stars in the past four months. For me, these guys have really confirmed what I already knew. If sexuality is a black and white sliding scale then every single shade of grey needs to not be left out. There are some guys who I have worked with that have literally thrown up from sucking another man's penis. Then there are some guys who have girlfriends and multiple kids that will take a cock up their ass like a champ. Even so, to say they have to be gay in order to have gay sex is pretty close-minded.

Do they really need the money that bad?

I definitely think money is the number one driving force behind why these straight men have gay sex on film. There are few other jobs where you don't have to have an education or some form of training and be able to make up to $7,000 in only a couple days of work. Of course it is easy for other people to judge another person's decision to do porn, but the guys I have worked with are doing it for money. Money to support their kids, their education, pay off a debt, and money just to live. Besides that I do think everyone has his or her price. What would you be willing to do if money wasn't an issue?

Is it for attention?

There definitely are some straight guys that get off on the attention that gay men offer them. Women requite a lot more mental stimulation than gay men do. A straight guy with a hot body would pretty much get attention from 99 percent of the gay population. I say good for them, if you got it flaunt it. It does not seem these guys are originally in it for the attention, but with time I have noticed that they almost become addicted to the fame of it.

I am curious what your opinion is on this rarely discussed topic? I would love to hear from some of the gay-for-pay porn stars out there, as well as more experienced directors and producers, and anyone else who has an opinion. You can comment below or tweet me @hammerbrad.

Gay For Pay: Are they Really Gay?