A German police task force had investigated the platform, its administrators and users for months, leading to the arrest of four men.
"It was selfish to rummage through my parents’ things."
The controversial figure, who was portrayed by Woody Harrelson in "The People vs. Larry Flynt," was one of the biggest names in adult entertainment.
"I was told I’d stop aging and I’d be a teenager forever. I didn’t think I’d ever earn money for myself, have a bank account, own a home, fall in love, get married."
Hill, who resigned last year, argues in the lawsuit that the Daily Mail and RedState don't have the right to “sexually degrade" public officials.
The plaintiff hopes to be awarded $75,000 for the destroyed property.
Nicholas Kristof, opinion columnist at The New York Times, wrote that the pornographic website shows videos of rape and underage sex.
Alexander Treisman, 19, looked up information on former Vice President Joe Biden's home address, state gun laws, rifle parts and more.
A revenge porn lawsuit could be seen as an admission that the lawyer for Trump and former mayor was doing something sexual.
King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine want to decolonize Black and brown bodies in the adult film industry.