George Clooney's Beard Makes Him Feel 'Old'

George Clooney has made a shocking confession ... he feels old.

The 51-year-old actor, who still gets the ladies swooning, debuted a gray beard while attending the Oscars on Sunday, flaunting his new facial hair alongside his gorgeous gal, Stacy Keibler.

But don't worry -- Clooney admits the beard is for a movie and not by personal choice.

"I was a little surprised how gray it was when it came out," he told E! News of the salt-and-pepper scruff he's sporting for the upcoming film "Monuments Men." "It came out and it's gray!" he continued, "You're like, 'What the hell happened? I was young once, but now I'm old.'"

He also discussed his appearance with Piers Morgan, telling the host that he doesn't think his fans like the stubble.

"It was me [they were most excited about seeing], until they saw me with the beard," he joked. "They didn't like it. I noticed that."

Still, Clooney's 33-year-old girlfriend doesn't seem to mind it, gushing about her sexy (and "sweaty") man on the red carpet.

"I mean, he literally walked by me sweaty and in five minutes walked by the other way in a tux and looked dapper!" Keibler told Us Weekly, revealing that the couple had been playing basketball until just 45 minutes before leaving for the ceremony. "He always looks good and he is always pretty consistent."

What do you think of George's beard?

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