Gina Crosley-Corcoran, Mom, Gets Banned From Facebook For Posting Breastfeeding Photo [UPDATE]

LOOK: Mom Gets Banned From Facebook For Posting Breastfeeding Photo

Yet another mom was suspended from Facebook for posting a breastfeeding photo. Last week, Gina Crosley-Corcoran, who blogs at, uploaded a photo of her 18-month-old nursing -- but also holding a piece of bacon. Her status update:

"And now, you've seen everything: Jolene swiped bacon off my plate and tried to nurse and eat at the same time. When I got bit, I told her she had to choose. She chose bacon. :)"

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breastfeeding image facebook removed

As Crosley-Corcoran says on her blog, the photo was generally well received -- 1,500 people "liked" it and 40 people shared it. But one Facebook commenter didn't find the image or caption funny and left the comment: "Those are the kids that end up growing up to be sex offenders."

Crosley-Corcoran screenshot the comment and posted it to her own blog. The commenter reported Crosley-Corcoran to Facebook. Two days later, Facebook removed the photo for being "inappropriate," and suspended Crosley-Corcoran from the site for three days. The blogger was outraged; she felt as though the photo did not violate Facebook's rules at all.

In January of this year, when mother of three Emma Kwasnica found herself suspended from Facebook for posting breastfeeding images (over 200 of them, more specifically), a Facebook rep told The Huffington Post:

"We agree that breastfeeding is natural and we are very glad to know that it is important for mothers, including the many mothers who work at Facebook, to share their experience with others on the site. The vast majority of breastfeeding photos are compliant with our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook takes no action on such content. However, photos which contain a fully exposed breast, do violate our terms and may be removed if they are reported to us."

Kwasnica spoke with Facebook, and when she felt the issue wasn't remedied, she organized a protest at Facebook's headquarters. Over 60 moms and babies gathered in Menlo Park to convince Facebook employees that breastfeeding photos are not "obscene."

So far, Crosley-Corcoran doesn't have plans to fight Facebook offline, but she does encourage readers to take a stand on their own social networks. "Share this far and wide. Grab that picture and upload/share it to your OWN facebook [sic] page in protest... Tell facebook [sic] they're not even following their OWN rules about breastfeeding photos," she wrote on her blog.

UPDATE: Crosley-Corcoran's Facebook account has been reinstated. She told The Huffington Post that she will be "flooding" the social network with as many breastfeeding photos as possible over the course of 72 hours. Her mission, as detailed on, is to normalize breastfeeding on Facebook.

UPDATE Nov. 19 -- According to Crosley-Corcoran, on her blog, she was blocked from posting on Facebook for another seven days on Friday. The social network also removed -- then restored -- a photo the blogger posted as part of her "72-hour campaign to normalize breastfeeding on Facebook." She continues to add updates on The Feminist Breeder. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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