Quick-Witted Girl's Take On Punishment Is Exactly What Her Mom Asked For

Betcha didn't see that one coming.

This girl really took her punishment to heart.

Victoria Collier's 6-year-old daughter, Isabella, was in a bit of a pickle last week after getting in trouble in school. As a penalty, Collier had her daughter write "I will make better choices" on a sheet of paper. Turns out, a few lines down, the 6-year-old really did make make a better choice.

Crafty, eh?

Collier's friend, Noe Arellano, shared the priceless punishment on Reddit where the social media users were impressed with the 6-year-old's ingenuity.

Collier told The Huffington Post that Isabella had landed in hot water at school before, and she was hoping to teach her a lesson. When she saw what Isabella had written, though, she was far from angry. She actually praised the girl for, as she says, doing exactly what she asked.

"Efficiency is a value I admire and this was truly her way of getting it done," Collier recalled of her daughter's actions.

The 6-year-old, Collier told HuffPost, has a free spirit and often has silly responses, comments and questions. Isabella's fun personality definitely keeps things interesting, Collier said.

"Our home is never boring and I am a lucky mom," she said.

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