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Glasserie: A Perfect Mediterranean Meal in Brooklyn

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Glasserie is a very special spot. Glad it is on my radar now as dinner is divine, and from what I hear, brunch is even better. Glasserie offers up Mediterranean fare in a former glass factory (Greenpoint Glass Works to be exact) with a rustic, cool decor. It has wooden tables and a big bar that wraps around the center of the restaurant. Glasserie has my heart because it believes in good food. You can taste the superior and fresh ingredients that are sourced. Food is always best when it's fresh, wholesome, and authentic. Everything on the menu is seemingly simple -- yet everything is very interesting and complex in its own way. Gallerie manipulates ingredients as little as possible to honor the integrity of the plant or animal. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors mixed in conptemporary techniques.

Chef Eldad Shem Tov at the helm, offers truly exquisite execution, dining and catering opportunities.

Smaller plates arrived for dinner that included the Brown Bag, String Beans -- blistered string beans lightly seasoned and perfectly flavorful served in an actual brown paper bag to snack out of. The presentation is so casual that you can relax into the food a bit more, yet are still surprised by the bursting flavors. Then we ordered the Cauliflower, Fresh Cheese. This was a whole head of cauliflower roasted perfectly alongside beautiful fresh Mediterranean cheese. When vegetables are done right, they are so meaty that you sometimes forget about an entree. Next came the Fava & Chickpea Stew, Fried Husks - this goodness was perfect for eating alongside their breads. Oh, the griddle breads and flatbreads. WOW. The Labneh, Tahini, Griddle Bread, House Pickles were all divine. The flat bread had deep grill marks on it, giving it some serious flavor as it brings out the tons of herbs seasoning the dough. The Griddle Bread is different - the same dough that then gets rubbed in butter and can only be described as decadent and savory. The lamb ribs for the entree were falling off of the bone - exactly the meat I was craving in this Middle Eastern spread.

The wine list was interesting and fun. The cocktail list was unique, and a great start to the night. Looking forward to coming back next weekend.

95 Commercial Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn