Glenn Beck Meets <i>The Office</i> In Media Matters Video

Here's a funny video from Media Matters that documents the deep connection between the fictional concerns of the real Glenn Beck and the real concerns of the fictional The Office character Dwight Schrute. At issue here, is OnStar, a by-subscription feature in modern cars that provides drivers with GPS enabled navigation, remote diagnostics, and on-board security services that can assist drivers in the case of an auto accident. Naturally, Glenn Beck worries that this will help the "government" to "know where you are in your car all the time" and even put a "microphone" in your car, to broadcast socialist propaganda! To which Dwight Schrute adds: consider the spy satellites!


Of course, Glenn Beck isn't thinking BIG enough! Why doesn't he warn his listeners about the dangers of the Sontaran Strategem?

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